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Looking forward to CAST 2011

This spring has been a hectic one. I have been and am involved in a quite big and exciting project with many people involved at all levels. It will reach a milestone in October, and Ill step down for some other assignments.

Tonight I was reminded on my hectic spring in some tweets with Michael Bolton. Ended up being pointed to his series about the whole team approach written in January. I stumbled upon a comment from myself in Zegers post so I am sure I have read these things, but have no memory from it. Michaels posts are marked as read in my feed reader as well.

Now it is really time for some well-needed vacation, which I will spend at the World Scout Jamboree, that actually is in Sweden for the first time. Actually it will be located only one hour drive from my home, and there will be about 40000 scouts there. It is a pity, I will leave the jamboree a day earlier, just to make it for CAST. I hope to have switched to vacation mode by then, but will have to sharpen up for the conference again.

And CAST, soo much looking forward to it that I actually have almost neglected the scout camp in terms of looking forward to an event. The people I will meet are the ones I read blog posts and tweets from. I decided not to go for an emerging topic of my own, just to be able to concentrate on conferring and learning. And I really hope to meet and talk to everyone there. I am quite bad at remembering faces, so please tell me your twitter id. =)

If you are going to be there, I am going to stay some days afterwards, up for a hangout and some test talk. Or as sightseeing company.

I also hear that there are seats left

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