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Öredev 2009

November 10, 2009 Leave a comment

Last week I attended Öredev for the second time. Somehow I was thinking that I was going to blog about everything that happened there, but I soon gave up on that. I am going to say some short things on all the things I attended during the conference in this post, and then probably dig deeper into some of those thoughts in later blog posts. This was my schedule at the conference, I should say that this is not the same as I planned/thought I would attend.

Monday and Tuesday I took the Certified Scrum Master course, with Jim Coplien and Jens Östergaard as teachers. I think I already know quite alot about scrum in theory and practice, but it was good to take the course to fill in some gaps. It was really good to have some scrum projects behind me, so I could get some answers to questions I have been thinking about. Another big thing about taking the course is that now I am actually able to discuss the course and how it should be used. Jim and Jens were really great to have as teachers.

Monday I went cold sea/hot sauna bathing with some of the participants/speakers. It was really nice relaxing with dinner accompanying it. I got the chance to meet with the lovely couple Marc and Lee Lesser, talking about awareness and many other interesting things. Marc held a really good keynote as a start of the whole conference, about Accomplishing more by doing less. I think everyone attending his talk appreciated what he had to say about noise and how it keeps people from doing what really gives value when accomplished.

During tuesday evening I was at Malmö city hall for speakers dinner. We had a real goose dinner, swedish (Skåne) way.

My first real day of the conference was a show of the diversity of the conference. Attended some javascript, groovy/Jruby and some agile. The other days were then completely devoted to agile and testing in particular.

I am really into the testing as such, but somehow I always tend to keep myself to the more softer parts of it. May it be bad or not, but I really think that the most important thing is to get the right product through good communication. Not until then you are actually able to ask if it is right. That actually WAS a bias for me when putting together the test track. During the conference I got more and more confident in that it was the right speakers, with the right sessions speaking.

The diversity of test speakers was for me obvious in one way, but not in others as I spoke to some other people about it. I really think they connected to each other in a nice way. The softer skills like communication and thinking about software and then towards the more hands-on tools for communication and agile testing project solutions and further on to the bigger projects solutions for regression testing. I am going to write about some of the sessions later hopefully. What I really wanted to make clear, is that I really see all testing sessions connect to each other.

Now I think that I am going to read up on some of all the blog posts that have been written about the conference, and then write down some thoughts myself. Somehow I think I need to sum up the connection between all the sessions.