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Agile Testing – Agile perspective

December 27, 2012 4 comments

Did you miss my previous posts that relate to this? Consider reading these as well. And yes, I will be exaggerating in this post as well.
Bridging communities
Agile Testing – Traditional testing perspective.

Agile communities

I did explain some parts of the Agile perspective after I had been to the Agile conference. Some of my experiences also come from the local Agile communities like Agile Skåne, Öredev and my company Jayway. I will mostly relate to the global community here. Read more…

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DET – The original mindmap

June 19, 2012 Leave a comment

I admit, inspired by the recent flood of mindmaps from ministry of testing I also wanted to post one.

The mindmap

Developers Exploratory Testing was created by my colleague Davor Crnomat. During the last years it has evolved as a practice in our company. As I am presenting about my experiences on it, I wanted to create an overview of the original rules. First time Davor presented these they were just a list of longer sentences. So to create the mind map I have shortened and grouped them. I have also realized that they are not all present in the latest articles written about it, but then again, it is the original that I have drawn. Read more…