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A new teams encounter with DET/TET as a framework for testing – Part 4-Facilitation

July 9, 2013 2 comments

First of all, I want to be clear that this series of posts have nothing to do with my work at Atlassian. These posts are experiences from previous assignments with Jayway, and I am just now gathering my thoughts on it.

Be sure to read the previous posts which has some background:
Part 1-Context
Part 2-Intro workshop
Part 3-The basics


The effort of having 12-14 people involved in testing 2 hours/week needs to be prepared and facilitated. This is something that I usually propose, and the need was acknowledged rather quickly in this team.

It ended up being a rotating task within the development team to take on the facilitator role of the week. However, it was usually natural for some person to be facilitator when it came to different focus areas. This also meant that some people got the facilitator role more often during the time I was there.

I personally coached the facilitator of the week through preparations and all the way through the test session, debrief and meta debrief. Here are some aspects of facilitation that we considered. Read more…