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Tester personality – Optimistic and Positive thinking

May 15, 2011 2 comments

When I decided I would start blogging, I had to find a suitable name for it. Something personal, yet professional. It took a while, until I remembered my first chat with a respected tester I look up to. I was challenged on the most personal side I have; my happy and optimistic personality.

“You can never become a great tester if you are always optimistic!”

The sentence still rings in my ears, but I still think I am able to become just that some day, a great tester. Being a happy person has always been an advantage for me, especially at work I might say. I always meet people with a smile and happy attitude, and this usual reflects back on the way they treat me. This is why I really value getting a good start especially with the developers, whose code I will be testing.

Test results, especially those that are given as feedback to developers are rarely happy news. This is one reason I usually try to find positive things for feedback as well, but they should never hinder my bug advocacy.

As a side-note, I actually also used the /concept/ of /happy testing/ in my first big software project in university. This project class was all about experiencing the waterfall process model from a real perspective. I was test manager of a team of 4 testers in a project setting with 18 people. The most funny thing was that when all the specified tests had run, we did some exploratory testing, where we found a last bug. But since this kind of testing had not been specified in any predefined plan, we had to introduce the concept happy testing. =)

So, as long as I deliver my value as a tester professionally, I think it is really valuable having a positive attitude to my surroundings. It will make the surroundings more recipient to the information I have to give, may it be positive or negative.

Happy testing!

Update: Having a discussion about the post with James Bach, I need to clarify this. I think I am able to control the scope of my optimism, which means that the context of testing a product is not subject to the optimism. As James stated, optimism and critical thinking will take each other out because of their nature.

My reflection on this is that as long as I somewhat can control scope of optimism, the critical thinking I perform on the product is sufficient for good testing. I might mis out on some aspects, but I think that they are small enough to be marginalized as other things that I would miss for other reasons.

Context aware blogging and testing

July 30, 2010 Leave a comment

I have touched this before, and now I think its time to bring it up again. Any story needs a context to fulfill the purpose of people understanding it. This is true for any story, may it be in testing or blogging or anything else for that matter. This is a tough one, since you never seem to be able to explain enough of the context in a blog post.


In my last post , I actually tried to explain some of the context that I saw as an important part of the posting. In that case, no reader can be sure that the explained context would include more of the unsaid context, and is required to ask for clarifications of this context. That is what happened when James commented on it:

How much context is enough when blogging?

May 12, 2009 1 comment

As of starting this serious blogging again, when I want to write about real experiences during my day, there are of course some factors that have to be stated before talking about what I really want to talk about. For example I need to mention testing situation, team, product elements etc. all of which are the good heuristics for any given testing project. But how much of the context is needed? And how much can I leave out without being irresponsible in my posting?

I have a couple of blog posts on the way, to kick start this blog, but I would really like some input on this before digging deeper into the blogging. As a tester (I see this as a personality and requirement of a tester), I want to be very exact in the context, but being that I risk to overpost needless information. And that sounds like overspecifying systems requirements, of course. This will also cause the posts to be too long for anyone to want to read them.

My new blog!

November 12, 2008 2 comments

Yaye! I have a blog. It is actually my first real personal blog just for clean blogging. But what do I mean with that? Well, I have had two travel diaries on other places, but those of course died when I got back home. 

My friend Christian has been bothering me for a very long time to get a blog, so here it is. Maybe not completely his achievement, but I have the last couple of weeks felt that there are actually things that I need to write somewhere, so why not a blog.

Starting a blog gives some questions at first, what language to use? what to blog about? how personal blog do I want? These are some of the questions that I have been thinking about and have stopped me from starting one. I mean, what topics to touch? Do I want it personal, and risk future employers to distrust me because of the blog, or too impersonal, so none of my friends will actually read it? I guess I will just have to have a balance between the two. What do my first readers want to read about? Please tell me…

Another one is the language. I mean, I am Icelandic and living in Sweden, and I choose English? Well, I actually thought about it, and I have too many friends from everywhere that neither speak Swedish nor Icelandic. And in my own opinion my English isn’t that bad. If anyone has problems with that, please tell me.

Any topics suggestions?

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