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Öredev conference

November 25, 2008 Leave a comment

I can only say WOW! And I dont mean an online game, but only mean to express myself. Öredev was my first conference after school, but certainly not the last. So where should I start?


Well, I started off with the course Innovation games as I already told you about. So the third day (first conference day), I was attending Karen N Johnsons course “SQL for testers”. Since we were only three people attending, it was a really nice and cosy thing with much space for open discussions. I am actually not new to SQL at all, but it was great getting some insights in actual testing work from Karens experience. I would never have imagined how many bugs could be derived just from looking at a map of the database structure. From my perspective it was really nice to get a starting point in new consultant projects. Apart from the basic SQL queries and insertions, we got to know certain areas to start looking for bugs when working with any system running on a database. Karen went through the material in an exceptional way, even though not used to this small kind of class. 


The rest of the conference was awesome. I attended as many sessions as I possibly could in the Agile, PM and Test tracks:

Keynnotes with Ted Neward, James Bach and Uncle Bob Martin

Isabel Evans on blind men and elephants, different people have different views of things

James Coplien on Agile finetuning

Diana Larsen, Agile for managers

Mattias Göransson on Heuristic testing

Rikard Edgren on Testing creativity

Luke Hohmann on Who does what in Agile

James Bach on Exploratory testing

Karen Johnson on storytelling

Fredrik Scheja on requirements

Torbjörn Ryber on Context-driven test design


Those were all really interesting, although some more. I got into a really long and interesting discussion after Lukes session, where a marketing perspective was put in the agile context, touching the matter of what the agile roles are supposed to do and compared to traditional product managers etc. The discussion was mainly between Cope and Luke, although I am proud to say that I was actually able to get some really important points in here and there, with both of them agreeing to what I said, but at different times. On the last day I got into a discussion with Uncle J (James Bach), and he really had some things to say. I must say that I have gotten very influenced by his attitude to testing, since this is actually what I have thought about it as well.  I also met up and talked some with Isabel Evans, really interesting person that has alot of experience to share. Well, enough about the bragging who I met, I now at least know that these people have their opinions because they have their views and experience of things. I could go to conferences in eternity, and this was my first one, but what really matters for knowledge is experience, and that is something that comes with time. I just need to maximize the experience per time unit.=)

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Innovative Games course @Öredev

November 18, 2008 Leave a comment

The last two days I have spent at the Öredev conference, attending a course called Innovative games held by Luke Hohmann from Enthyosis. It has been two really fast moving days with very much material and inspiration, but at the same time a very easy going approach. That of course had a little to do with the actual course content, since it is about “games” we played games alot.

Well, these games are all about gathering information. Gathering exactly the right information that you want from any customer, in a not so complex way. Since no customers know what they want, the power of the games chosen for that case will draw the information out of them. So the course was actually about learning some different games, and get to know in what context they fit the best. We also got guidance on how to facilitate them and be observant on when the right information flows at you. 

This is a really good tool that in my perspective could be used in many different contexts where clarifying anything between people is needed. You just need to use the right game in a good way. As for Agile teams, where customer collaboration is really a cornerstone, effective customer meetings is needed, with the desired results of good information. 

I got his book and material, so now Im just looking for any context to practice. This is probably one of those moment to learn, lifetime to master sort of things.

Tomorrow I am attending another course, will tell you about that later. This whole week is dedicated to Öredev conference and sucking up as much information as I possibly can manage, I will drop dead during weekend.=)

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November 15, 2008 Leave a comment

I am moving to my new apartment in two weeks. This is really nice, but as always when I am moving or even packing generally, I get really awkward about it. Its like I dont want all the work it takes to move, but I still want to move. So I have decided that I need to start packing this weekend, since I am having so much other things to do the next two weeks. Anyone wanna help me?

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Scrum etc.

November 13, 2008 2 comments

Ok, first of all, I hope I wont scare everyone off just because my blog will start off talking about stuff I do at work. The thing is that it is almost like a hobby actually to learn more about those things, thats why I love my job.

I am not going to explain the basics about Scrum, if you are interested you can watch this.

In January, before I started to write my thesis, I had no clue what Scrum was. I barely knew anything about Agile either. I actually think its strange that we didn’t get to know much about it in school. Well, from the first day of thesis work, my interest in these things has been growing steadily and the fact that I am working in an Agile environment really gets me going. There is not a day that I dont talk about Scrum and Agile, and I try to pick up as much as I possibly can at seminars, workshops you name it. Next week my company is having a big conference, Öredev, where there will be so much knowledge running around just for me to catch it=)

As I work for Testway, my main area is actually testing (software). This is why I have gotten interested in the testing aspects of Scrum. But since I have attended different forums in the area, I have realised that all other disciplines within software engineering also have their aspects of it. Especially for example both testing and configuration management, which could in some cases be thought of as heavy in practice. This is where I state the final question:

How is it possible to get the absolutely best out of an Agile/Scrum project, when really considering the best practices within all the areas of requirements engineering (RE), testing, configuration management (CM), architecture (software of course), project management, portfolio management etc.?

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My new blog!

November 12, 2008 2 comments

Yaye! I have a blog. It is actually my first real personal blog just for clean blogging. But what do I mean with that? Well, I have had two travel diaries on other places, but those of course died when I got back home. 

My friend Christian has been bothering me for a very long time to get a blog, so here it is. Maybe not completely his achievement, but I have the last couple of weeks felt that there are actually things that I need to write somewhere, so why not a blog.

Starting a blog gives some questions at first, what language to use? what to blog about? how personal blog do I want? These are some of the questions that I have been thinking about and have stopped me from starting one. I mean, what topics to touch? Do I want it personal, and risk future employers to distrust me because of the blog, or too impersonal, so none of my friends will actually read it? I guess I will just have to have a balance between the two. What do my first readers want to read about? Please tell me…

Another one is the language. I mean, I am Icelandic and living in Sweden, and I choose English? Well, I actually thought about it, and I have too many friends from everywhere that neither speak Swedish nor Icelandic. And in my own opinion my English isn’t that bad. If anyone has problems with that, please tell me.

Any topics suggestions?

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