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When does testing start?

January 27, 2011 8 comments

I am currently working in a team of testers in a quite big project. It should be noted that the project size and process limits my personal scope and the things I can really change. The test team has not been there for very long, and our environment responsible s haven’t yet gotten the test environments completely up. One reason for that is that some parts of the system have not been completely delivered just yet, so the possibility to test the functionality flow is limited. But when do we start testing? Read more…

Engineer or artist

January 26, 2011 1 comment

I just read Eric Jacobsons post on testers as plate spinners, and I like the idea. When I am testing a product, I try to get the broad test perspective before I go deep. This would be the same as spinning all plates in the beginning, and then of course they drop off one after the other while spinning just a few for longer time.

However, I think is wise to think about the context also when talking about this. As a part of a test team, having all of them just cover the broad and shallow areas can get you into trouble if time is limited. In that case maybe it is better to manage the team so that not all plates are spun by all team members. I think that is what Mihai is trying to make a point about in his comment. But I don’t like the statement he makes about not having all team artists because they are really engineers. That statement is really about a tester that has a hard time letting go of old process models, and not about the engineer or artist.

My view is that engineers are artists in most areas. They explore the solutions, with or without rules, but preferably not completely bound to the rules. Comparing with the circus artist again, if you have a team that collaborates around the problem at hand they will solve the problem. It will be a self-managing team of artists.

Thanks for the post Eric!

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