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Beta test exploration: Scapple

October 30, 2012 Leave a comment

I stumbled upon another one of those mind mapping applications called As I am always looking for ways to improve and change ways of working I had to try it out. I regularly use Xmind at the moment for these demands.

As it is in Beta test, I also decided to give it a real test perspective. A short session with recorded notes and a bug list was what came out of it. I hope they can make use of my results.

This is my summary:

Scapple seems to be a valid competitor to any mindmapping tools out there, and it has its niche. However it has a long way to go before being able to get me as a user for day-today work. My preferences go for Xmind and Prezi for these types of tasks. Testing was mainly done through exploration of the steps shown in the quickstart guide. It is not a very deep analysis, but even so the light coverage found some very basic and severe issues.

And here are the results exported as html and PDF

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