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February 5, 2010 Leave a comment

Yesterday I attended a PMI seminar on Organizational Project Governance. Although I am not into the whole PMI/PMP thing, I have attended some sessions and got a somewhat overview of some of the things that is included in the PMBOK. The thing is that I can see the PMP thing a little bit like the ISTQB (founded 2002) for testing, but broader in its coverage and somewhat more experienced and older (founded 1969). So why am I even considering looking into these things?

Well, I think that any knowledge is good knowledge. And as a tester, I am always affected or in contact with this kind of management, so why not gain some knowledge about these things. At some point in the future, the knowledge will be handy, Im sure.

The seminar was in three parts, where I was actually one small part myself, presenting the leadership course I have attended (Value based leadership) , going to write about that later I suppose.

Second part was Ted Böklin from Tetra Pak PMO, explaining some of the work areas and templates that he and Tetra Pak uses in his work. Really interesting, although it was somehow at a very high level for me to not understand everything. The PM pit is deeper than you might think=)

The third part was Kjell Rodenstedt and his colleague Thomas Jansson. Together they have really extensive knowledge in the areas of PPPM, a new abbreviation for me, Portfolio Program and Project Management. Apparently they have been doing this stuff for decades, and during their journeys of course gathered plenty of material in their toolbox. So what were they to do with all of this?

This is what fascinated me, they decided to make everything available for anyone on a portal. Their whole toolbox of document templates, processes and everything, for FREE! Project management goes Open Source!

So, without digging deeper into their history, business case or goal with all of this, I just wanted to tell about this incredible step for PM. I am not a big fan of templates and plans and everything, but I think that this is a step in the right direction. Imagine everyone taking their work, create their versions of it, and more and more do it lightweight. The first step is taken, now we just need to cooperate with the PMs to get the most out of the project plans that we really want to follow, everyone!

Check it out:

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