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DET – The original mindmap

I admit, inspired by the recent flood of mindmaps from ministry of testing I also wanted to post one.

The mindmap

Developers Exploratory Testing was created by my colleague Davor Crnomat. During the last years it has evolved as a practice in our company. As I am presenting about my experiences on it, I wanted to create an overview of the original rules. First time Davor presented these they were just a list of longer sentences. So to create the mind map I have shortened and grouped them. I have also realized that they are not all present in the latest articles written about it, but then again, it is the original that I have drawn.

DET - The original mindmap

DET – The original mindmap

Conference presentations

If you want to hear my story and experiences with DET, I will be presenting at CAST 2012 and Agile 2012 this summer. The focus of my presentation is about stakeholder involvement, facilitation needs and reporting. I am VERY excited that so many people seem to like the ideas that they want me to come and present. Really looking forward to it, especially to get some discussions and feedback around the ideas and experiences.

If you don’t want to wait, here is some previous writing on DET.

And yes, I will actually also speak about DET at Agile testing days 2012. However, this is in november and I will probably have some more and different takes on DET by then.

This will be a great summer!

As a sidenote, this summer I am also planning a scout camp for 1500 people. Why not keep busy =)

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