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Scrum Master Tester

I have a long list of topics for blog posts I want to write. However there never seems to be enough time. Also, I have realized that having halfway written posts and not finishing them because of my quality mind is stopping me.

I found a really nice blog where I somehow see the whole picture as the same, and I will get back to tester troubles later. One of the posts go right to the spot on what I believe in this case. Having a person with the skillset of a tester as Scrum Master, couldnt that be a good idea?

I want to be clear that I see the scrum master role as a full time job in most cases, so the person should not be appointed any “testing tasks” in the project.

Why tester as Scrum master?

Well, test driving your sprints would result in having quality in mind from the start when composing user stories together with PO or customer. This would create better testability and better overview understanding of the system.

I see both testers and Scrum Masters as information hubs in a way that no developer would think. They need to be able to communicate in all directions, project management, management, developers, customers etc. Through the diplomacy you need as a tester, usually there is a grown confidence speaking any cultures languages and adapt to the situation which is discussed.

I know that I have many other ideas around this subject, but hey, lets see if anyone has a comment on this so far.

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  1. December 14, 2009 at 13:23

    Interesting thought. What is more interesting is that the same reasoning goes for the interaction designer. The problem is in some ways the same; the developer do not always have the same view as the interaction designer.

    I can even see that the Interaction designer might have an even more central role here, as the understanding of the need and goal behind the user story might be clearer for this role. So the conclusion is that we need an übermench here, a scruminteractiontestermaster 🙂

  2. Sigge
    December 16, 2009 at 23:54

    I recognize what you say as true, most of these times you would want that superperson. But they are not always available for your project=)

    The was to bridge the lack of this person is in my perspective having the communication and collaboration in a the best way possible. Myself as a tester I have a very strong feeling about this communication and sense of the whole. Do interaction designers have this urge in the same extent? If so, then of course that would also be the great SM.

    • December 17, 2009 at 09:31

      I would say that testers and interaction designers are in some point alike. Especially in the sense that the communication/whole view of the software.

      Also in essence the testers are (or should be) more focused on testing the right thing instead of the initial details of user story, interpreting the actual goal of a user story and making it obvious.

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