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Alot to do lately

I have been busy with alot of things lately, keeping myself away from spare time blogging. So I just thought I would tell briefly about some of the events/working tasks that I have experienced, and would really enjoy some feedback on what is actually interesting enough for you, my readers to read a blog post about. So please comment on the things you want to know more about.

First out, I was on a nice competence weekend last weekend with Testway, were we gather all of us for friday morning – saturday lunch, learning new stuff and share knowledge. This time we had three main areas to talk about:

Lean test optimization
This is a product in the company portfolio, where two of us in a couple of smaller steps (workshop, analysis and tryouts), start with the current test process of a customer and make it more lean, removing obvious waste in a first iteration. Using baby steps of improvement in the current setting is easier than changing the whole process at once. The product consists of a complete first baby step during a week for the customer.

Cloud and testing
There is an obvious change within the industry towards using cloud solutions for hosting and running applications in the cloud. There are a couple of different settings to choose from depending on your needs. How can the whole concept be used for us as testers?

Selling consultancy services
Mainly about how we as a company are marketing ourselves and selling our services.

Apart from these things, we of course touched all the other amazing and exciting things to discuss during the weekend.

Monday I attended an internal workshop about The kanban game with Björn Granvik. This very interesting workshop Björn is going to have at Öredev together with Scott Belware. Starting with an introduction to Kanban and the concepts, we continued playing the game, getting a feel of the process itself.

Wednesday I attended another part of the course “Agile for experienced project managers” with Leadway. This is a course that is going to be taught in public, I think sometime in november. Tell me if you are interested in attending, Ill tell you when it is. This part was about how to scale agile and project dependencies. It also included a short story about how this can be done in practice.

This involved parts from a seminar that I attended three weeks ago with Petri Haapio, talking about Scrum implementation at Nokia Networks.

Then of course I have my daily work, which at the moment includes both Ruby/watir cucumber test automation of a web application as a Test Automation Launch Pad product and some big systems functional and pre-delivery testing at a larger company. These could both be full time jobs, but doing them both at 50% has been possible.

Apart from these things I am in the program committee of Öredev conference, responsible for the test track. That has also been taking some time.

That was a summary, and not even everything is mentioned. And I actually do have a private life as well, a little. I will add some pictures to the different topics later.

So please go ahead and tell me what would be the most interesting to read about, and Ill focus on that for a blog post. I have a somewhat problem focusing sometimes. I like the context switching even if it doesn’t give me the efficiency I want.

Öredev is coming up next week! Please register if you havent already, it is going to be awesome! Meet me there and discuss something exciting….

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