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Coffee with white anyone?

September 15, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

I wonder how much testing they do when creating software for coffee vending machines?

The other day when I was getting my usual cup of coffee in the morning, there was a guy with a laptop connected to the open vending machine. (Fortunately there are two of them right next to each other, so I got my coffee). But I just had to ask the guy what he was doing.

He was very happy to actually get the question, that someone was actually interested in what he was doing. So he started to talk about coffee and milk in vending machines, and how no coffee vending machines are allowed to call it milk in their coffee anymore. The white powder was apparently not real milk powder or something (I didnt dare to ask him, next time maybe). So instead of solving the issue by actually putting real milk in the machines, they change the software and labels to say white instead of milk. For me as a coffee-with-milk drinker this was a somewhat disturbing thought. What am I actually drinking? (some google got me to this, and this)

Anyway, a couple of days later I was waiting for my turn to get coffee, and a colleague of mine starts to curse. He didnt get his special “Cappuchino with mandelkrubb (english?)” when pushing that button.

Regular coffee for him, but I actually had to test that too. I actually like that sometimes. When asking for that, I can see in the display that what I actually asked for was “Soup”. So my next question would be, did I actually get my Cappuchino but blended as soup or did I get soup made as coffee?

And hey, I know that has to be some kind of setting, what to have on which button etc. But how on earth was this messed up with the white powder setting? And how much testing does coffee vending machine vendors do?

I will leave those questions unanswered.

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