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How much context is enough when blogging?

As of starting this serious blogging again, when I want to write about real experiences during my day, there are of course some factors that have to be stated before talking about what I really want to talk about. For example I need to mention testing situation, team, product elements etc. all of which are the good heuristics for any given testing project. But how much of the context is needed? And how much can I leave out without being irresponsible in my posting?

I have a couple of blog posts on the way, to kick start this blog, but I would really like some input on this before digging deeper into the blogging. As a tester (I see this as a personality and requirement of a tester), I want to be very exact in the context, but being that I risk to overpost needless information. And that sounds like overspecifying systems requirements, of course. This will also cause the posts to be too long for anyone to want to read them.

  1. May 13, 2009 at 10:00

    I would say that not a single detail more than what is necessary should be posted. It takes skill to be able to determine what is necessary to prove a point, or to make an argument. What you are interested in, as a reader, is to be able to determine “how does this apply to my situation”; to much details, or a too much things that are in the periphery of the subject you are will only make the post long and confusing.

    So, summary: Start with the question “what is the major point of this post, and what is the message I am trying to convey”. Then work yourself backwards from that point, only covering the bare essentials needed to prove that point. That should give you an answer to the amount of context needed. That and experience, of course (meaning, the first posts will be at the wrong level context wise, but it will get better with practice).

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