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Innovative Games course @Öredev

The last two days I have spent at the Öredev conference, attending a course called Innovative games held by Luke Hohmann from Enthyosis. It has been two really fast moving days with very much material and inspiration, but at the same time a very easy going approach. That of course had a little to do with the actual course content, since it is about “games” we played games alot.

Well, these games are all about gathering information. Gathering exactly the right information that you want from any customer, in a not so complex way. Since no customers know what they want, the power of the games chosen for that case will draw the information out of them. So the course was actually about learning some different games, and get to know in what context they fit the best. We also got guidance on how to facilitate them and be observant on when the right information flows at you. 

This is a really good tool that in my perspective could be used in many different contexts where clarifying anything between people is needed. You just need to use the right game in a good way. As for Agile teams, where customer collaboration is really a cornerstone, effective customer meetings is needed, with the desired results of good information. 

I got his book and material, so now Im just looking for any context to practice. This is probably one of those moment to learn, lifetime to master sort of things.

Tomorrow I am attending another course, will tell you about that later. This whole week is dedicated to Öredev conference and sucking up as much information as I possibly can manage, I will drop dead during weekend.=)

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